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Power Of Habits

"The right nutrition and knowledge can do miracles. That's what happened after i joined MyInsight Nutrition. The journey has become a lifestyle now and i am enjoying every moment of it "

I am a CA by profession and work for Wipro limited as Finance Manager

I have been struggling with my weight for a long time. In-spite of training for marathons, my weight was stuck. This led me to believe that my nutrition needed an overhaul to help me lose weight.


I had heard a lot about Sonali in RH. In one of the running seasons,  when she was my coach we briefly discussed nutrition. I was very impressed with her vast knowledge and clarity of thought on nutrition for health and fitness.


Sonali believed in building nutrition as a habit and not a traditional diet chart really impressed me. Surprisingly there were no meal plans. She helped in building a right habit keeping in the good food that I was eating. This was the best thing about the program. Many of my habits changed with good food intake. Obviously protein intake have improved with control on junk, processed food, as I am a vegetarian.


My takeaway from the program is to have everything in a controlled way. Also you have two kinds of hunger - one for your stomach and another one for your tongue. You really need to reduce the latter one and have it in right way  so that you don’t feel deprived. My prime motto from the program was to get a view on right nutrition and I knew others will follow like weight, right intake while running to improve my mileage, etc. My many myths have got corrected after the program. I lost 7-8 kg in 3 months time, especially when my work was very hectic and I was unable to do much workouts


Just follow Sonali and results will follow you along with your daily habit

- Gaurav Lakkar

The Dream Run

Myths I had about eating paneer or being vegan have been out to rest. I am running stronger and faster than ever before.

I have been able to maintain my weight in spite of festivities around.

The plans were never restrictive and allowed me to eat almost everything (including ras-malai). I used all learnings in my race and was able to achieve my first sub-4 marathon.

- Manoj Verma, New Delhi

Losing weight without torture!

Well, to start with I am a working mom with a toddler who loves running and always wanted to be in good shape so can wear the dresses which I always see on MEMIQUINES. I tried all the ways to lose weight including GM Diet, salad diet and always keeping myself active. I joined running community as well for being active n keep running. I was doing everything but have not lost an inch.

I was eating very less food (say 2 chapatis) everyday n always used to think even though m eating less still not losing weight. I tortured myself like anything like eating salads while going out, cooking for family but not eating and many more incidents.

Whenever I come across advertisements of any weight loss programs, was always tempted to join but then with my friend's experience about the tortures from program(no tea, no food, only fruits, only Dryfruit) change my mind.

I came in contact with Sonali as I see her running around the apartment so always inspired by her as we were apartment partners, running partners, car pool partners and she always used to guide me with running issues. I saw her program in Facebook and thought of joining and will always thank god for that decision. MyInsight program helped me to eat right food according to my activities, lose weight(which was dream for me),helped me to increase my pace during runs(I got my PB on 10k) they explained me about importance of proteins which I was never aware, customized diet according to my fasting ( 9 days of fasting during Navratri), always used have a call before long runs to make a run strategy and post workout meal and it was like heart to heart connection with Sonali. Its been one of the best 6 months which I have spent with them as never felt that am following any diet program.

Eating right food on right time was the key. After joining program I became consistent with my sleep pattern, workouts, mobility, eating habits so yeah they"ll make sure to put all good habits in you within the program duration. My love for protein is increased now.

I would like to thank MyInsight team for making me the person which I always wanted to be. Even after my program is over I will keep on following habits as it's style of life now.

I will recommend everyone who thinks they can never lose weight or losing weight is a torture, please talk to MyInsight team once or talk to me, you will come to know losing weight is a celebration as I can eat paneer and lose weight wat else I want in life.. Life is good.

Thankyou so much MyInsight team keep rocking as you deserve it.

- Shikha Tiwari, IT professional

Shaved off 9 minutes

“Hi Sonali and Sujoy, I have shaved off 9 minutes from my last TCS run. Thanks to you guys.”

Sales Head of one of the top 5 IT firms in India

Get fit by just eating ghar ka khana, no crazy diet!

MyInsight Nutrition program has helped me improve my eating habits a lot. Oh yes, I shed 5 kg weight in 6 months without doing any crazy diet and just eating ghar-ka-khana. Before taking up the program I was struggling a lot to bring down my weight even with consistent workouts, thanks Sonali for helping me out for this.

Her consistent reminders have helped me a lot to focus on achieving my fitness goals. Before starting the program, I had many injuries which also has improved a lot. I am feeling much fitter now and most importantly I am back on my running track.

After 6 months what I have learned from the program is to be consistent whether it is eating habits or workouts. It has improved the lifestyle of not only me but my family. I would highly recommend to join MyInsight Nutrition program.

- Chandini Thakkar, Mother of two beautiful girls

Thank you to for getting my life back on track

“Big thank you to Sujoy and Sonali for getting my life back on track and trained me to tackle problems of back pain, pancreatitis and indigestion on my own instead of medicines and external help.”

- HR Head , New Delhi

Travel stress free ! without gaining weight...

I was used to dieting earlier, for fat loss, without knowing what’s good or bad for my body. Hence, even though I was used to running but never lost weight. In fact, when I would stop my activities due to travel, I would gain more weight. Everything I tried earlier before meeting Sonali was complete junk.

I never sought any professional approach for fat loss as such but I tried everything that was told to me by friends or online posts. Once, I had taken a meal plan from a friend. It worked only temporary till the time I was following that plan and I would gain back soon.

MyInsight just happened to me while surfing online. I am lucky that got associated with Sonali and Sujoy. Before joining MyInsight, I had no clue, nor did I know Sonali. I had just visited their FB page and few client appreciations and reviews. I was apprehensive after speaking to them as to whether I will lose weight no diet plan nothing and just concentrate habits. I didn’t understand that time their approach.

Before MyInsight I didn’t know the importance of including protein, veggies in part of every meal, as I would eat randomly. Yes, my food habits have changed drastically now. In fact, now even if I travel I don’t gain much weight and would be cautious about my food habits with proper quantity & have more veggies.

What I have learned from MyInsight is that we need to be consistent and form it as part of a habit whether it’s exercise or clean eating. I will always be thankful to Sonali and Sujoy for providing me with the best inputs which have improved my lifestyle for good and I feel healthier and more confident now.

I have lost around 7 kgs with this program. I am in the best of fitness which I have never experienced before. These habits will surely stay now for long.

If you are even contemplating about MyInsight, please go for it as you will get the best possible guidance on healthy eating and maintaining a fit life. One of the best team to be with it and trust them completely as results will surely follow which will be amazing.

- R, IT professional

When the whole family joins the journey becomes enjoyable!

I am an image processing specialist, by profession, working for a large multinational. I am a big fitness freak and believe in simple healthy living.

I wanted my husband to lose weight as he had high cholesterol level and had very poor eating habits. I tried to inculcate awareness in him but could not pursue it as he was travelling every week and had crazy workhours in his startup. After he joined MyInsight, he lost a good amount of weight and started becoming conscious about nutrition.

I have not tried any other fat loss program or diet plan. I had used Healthifyme app which I could not continue for more than a week. Since MyInsight Wellness Program was habit based, I was not very confident if it would work for me as I had hectic schedules in office. However, looking at my husband's improvement in health, I got inspired and decided to join in the MyInsight Wellness Program.

Before the program, I was stuck with the idea that working out more will help in reducing fat. But never understood that what we eat matters a lot. MyInsight gave me that realization. Conscious decision to eat right thing was the second learning I got from this program. Initially I was very fond of Marble cake. When I met Sujoy & Sonali to review my diet, they made me realize the amount of calories it contained. Slowly with MyInsight support I was able to overcome that craving too. I am able to follow these habits even in the crazy office and home environment.

By simple planning one can make judicious food decisions. By eating healthy and nutritious food one can reduce fat. Dieting is not the solution. Slow and mindful eating can do wonders.

I lost more than 6 inches around the waist and lots of inches overall. And, I have gained a lot out of this program. I have been introduced to running by Sonali, been provided secret healthy recipes including bread and sourdough, been provided ways to handle PMS related issues and a whole lot more. I will surely recommend people to join MyInsight Wellness program. I fact I would like to be a part of the MyInsight team... Not now... When I am bored with my current work.

- Anuradha Pasupathy

Healthy doesn't mean starving yourself!
Eating the right food in the right amount.

I am Vidhya Prasad, I am a teacher, teaching in a communication school. I am in my early forties (which is the new twenties now). It has been about two years since I started running and I enjoy it thoroughly. Before this I regularly worked out in the gym. Despite the vigorous workout sessions and all the hard work there was no drastic change that was visible in me. I didn’t know where I was going wrong and had tried all possible methods to lose weight.

Yes, I have tried many diet plans before some of them which worked temporarily and some that didn’t. I tried the infamous GM diet, I also went to 10 day de-toxing program. And the main problem I faced was I didn’t understand the food requirement of the body and in the name of dieting I used to skip a few meals and hardly ate the amount that my body required.

Sujoy and Sonali, had told me that eating right is a science, I have always been weak in science. So I had to know what I was doing wrong and what I had to change in my lifestyle to see better results. I had heard from a few runners about the program and heard that the outcomes were great. I was intrigued by this and wanted to take a chance and see if this brought about any change in me. After my experience with all the other diet plans and charts, I didn’t want this to just add on to the list of diets I tried and I wanted to see a genuine change in my body because I have been frustrated about being the same weight for 4 years now.

Surprisingly I did not receive any meal plans from MyInsight Wellness Program. This is when I realized that this was something different from the usual lot. The concept of eating veggies, proteins and the entire change in food made a huge difference. They also told me to focus on my training plan and recovery. I diligently followed their strength training, recovery and nutrition plan. This really made the difference.

I have always been a healthy eater but I used to eat in a very less quantities. I also had the notion that paneer was very fattening and hardly used it in my cooking. Even though previously my food habits were healthy, the quality was sub standard. Now I know the way a person should plan their meals and see the contents of each and every meal before indulging in it. The consumption of food, quantity and quality has changed drastically and that is the main reason for that change in me. I have seen proof that a disciplined way of life, sensible eating and consistent workout makes all the difference.

One thing I have gained for sure is confidence about my body. I had been struggling for a long time with my weight issue and I would often not feel confident about myself. There would always be something in me telling me that the way I look isn’t good enough. But after MyInsight I have started to accept the way my body is, and I just aim to get fitter and healthier every day and I will keep pushing and working towards that goal. The methodic and simple plans have done wonders to my body weight wise, I have lost 8 kgs, have lost inches off my waist and my running has also improved. I have shifted from 10k to half marathon now. I have also lost my insecurities about myself as well as my body, thanks to the program.

My husband who has been following the program with me has also seen a great change in his body. He has lost a lot of fat and his running performance has improved a lot. He looks fitter than what he looked before marriage.

The whole change has been gradual. Anyone looking for a permanent fix with food, weight loss and general wellbeing, should look at MyInsight Wellness Program as both Sujoy and Sonali know what they are saying (they practice what they preach) and it has been the most effective diet plan for me till date.

- Vidhya Prasad

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